Serie 1930/R.classic
Product data sheet
Technical Properties
  • Serie 1930/R.classic
    Art No. 20292079
    EAN No. 4011334509257
    P.U. 1 part
    Price * on demand
    Price Group
    Technical Characteristics
    Nominal voltage 230 V AC
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Heating switching current 5 A
    "Switching current ""Cooling""" 2 A
    Relative humidity (without condensation) 0…95 %
    Range of temperatures 5 / 30 °C
    Material Plastic/metal
    Installation mode without spreader claws
    Conductor cross-section (rigid) 1…2,5 mm²
    • with plug-in terminals
    Switching temperature difference ≈ 0,5 K
    • setting knob with temperature range limitation
    • e.g. for valve drives closed in de-energised state
    Degree of contamination 2
    Operating temperature 0…55 °C
    Energy efficiency class I (1%)
    • temperature control range adjustable
    • Temperature measurement via internal temperature sensor
    • with thermal return
    Application, usage HVAC control
    Main design line Serie 1930/R.classic
    • Note:
      When integrating this product into the Serie 1930, the 1gang frame for centre plate Ø 58 mm, order no.: 1382 0... may only be used. Installation in multiple combinations of the Serie 1930 is not possible!
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Serie 1930/R.classic

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