Retrofit smart wireless technology


Take advantage of our new
smart home solution

When it comes to retrofitting, modernising or upgrading, smart homes are in. But the cost of hard-wired solutions can cause many customers to think twice. With coviva, we give you the selling point to convince These customers: the perfect wireless smart home solution for simple upgrades and renovations.

The coviva Smartbox combines all the functions of a smart building.

One system - many possibilities
With coviva, heating, lighting, blinds and smoke detectors can be controlled via intelligent wireless technology. This way, living comfort and safety are increased in a simple way, and energy costs are reduced

Control - by app.

Devices which everyone has at home.

Once the wireless modules are paired with the coviva Smartbox, the coviva app will automatically generate an intuitive user inteface. Now your customers can control their smart home from any mobile device. Fast, simple, convenient.



Define your own programme for comfort.

As well as controlling individual functions, coviva lets you combine them. This means you can create and control entire scenarios, known as covigrams, which can be created in the app using an intuitive menu with if/then functions.

coviva becomes the "brain" of your smart home.

We often wish we could simplify our lives by doing everything from a single point of contact. The coviva Smartbox has the power to grant this wish. It is the “brain” of your smart home, as it collects and centralizes all the data and sends it to one single app downloaded on your smartphone.

Remove existing switches

Install wireless modules

Push button activation

Connect the coviva Smartbox