Product data sheet
Technical Properties
  • HBNet F-TA 1k JAL S.1/B.X P-W MATT
    Art No. 85245288
    EAN No. 4011334481768
    P.U. 1 PART
    Technical Characteristics
    Radio transmission/reception frequency 868,3 MHz
    Radio protocol KNX Radio
    Number of radio channels 1
    Number of quicklink links max. 20 transmitter/receiver
    Radio transmission power < 10 mW
    Radio transmission range (free field) max. 100 m
    Radio transmission range (building) max. 30 m
    Energy-saving low intrinsic energy requirement
    quicklink functions quicklink functions: blind, 2 scenes, memory, forced control, up/down push-button
    ETS additional functions ETS additional functions: +6 scenes, operating mode, status display, 2 x alarm
    LED with status LED for memory and party function, red/orange ; with configuration and function LEDs ; with indicator LED for lock-out protection ; LED application module/insert compatibility display
    Button / push-button with configuration and function button
    Operation activation of the party function using buttons in up and down direction > 20 sec.
    Protection with dismantling protection
    Programming toolless quicklink configuration using buttons and LED display
  • Manual for 582452xx - KNX radio blind button quicklink (GB, 2016-11)
    PDF, 3,1 MB
    Light control Order Overview for Light control
    Light control
    PDF, 983 KB
    Berker KNX - quicklink Catalogue Chapter for Berker KNX - quicklink
    Berker KNX - quicklink
    PDF, 2,5 MB
    ETS Database for 852452xx
    KNXPROD, 14,7 MB
    HBNet F-TA 1k JAL S.1/B.X P-W MATT Product Data Sheet for 85245288
    HBNet F-TA 1k JAL S.1/B.X P-W MATT
    PDF, 381 KB
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