Motion detector

Building system technology
Controller/Controller-systems/presence detectors

Berker controllers register every movement and react quickly and reliably. Thanks to their passive infrared technology they switch on and off again without touch contact. Berker controllers work in all types of weather and are suitable for many applications.

  • Choice of detection angle: 70°, 110°, 180°, 220° or 240°
  • Range up to 16 m
  • Detection field up to 22 x 20 m
  • Surface-mounted installation (up to IP 55 protection class) or flush-mounted installation (up to IP 44 protection class)
  • Coordination of up to 8 controller system sensors using a power pack
  • Wireless installation with radio controllers

The Berker presence detectors measure the ambient brightness and switches on the lighting if thebrightness drops below the switch-on brightness and minimal motion is detected. If the ambient brightness exceeds to more than double the set brightness value (e.g. as a result of daylight penetrating the room), the detector switches the lighting off despite any detected motion.