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With the most modern technology and high-tech design integrated into the living environment, the Berker ALARM SYSTEM provides reliable protection. Insurance offers financial compensation for stolen items, but they cannot replace sentimental value. Therefore it is best to combine good insurance with suitable precautionary measures against break-ins, theft and vandalism.

Alarm system wired

With the most modern technology this conventional wired alarm system gives reliable protection. The system offers economical monitoring, particularly of smaller properties such as owner-occupied flats, whole-floor flats, holiday homes etc.

  • Economical, wired alarm system
  • Integrated key switch
  • Monitoring both when occupied and when unoccupied
  • Input for emergency / attack button
  • Integrated protection against sabotage; back-up power supply
  • 4 signalling lines with LED displays available

Alarm system KNX/EIB

The KNX/EIB alarm central unit is an intelligent and very powerful alarm system. Integrated into the instabus KNX/EIB building system and certified to Konnex directives, the subject enjoys optimum monitoring.

  • Uses the instabus KNX/EIB installation bus
  • Minimises additional wiring work
  • 160 detectors are managed in up to 4 separate security zones
  • Individual identification and monitoring of all detectors
  • Precise time and date records of all events
  • Back-up power supply battery lasts at least 12 hours
  • Local detector input for self-protection of the device
  • Relay contact for additional functions