Arsys copper Med

Surface range
Flush-mounted system

With the Berker Arsys copper Med, Berker presents the first ever switch that exerts a strong anti-bacterial effect on the basis of its materiality copper alone. Practical trials in hospitals have proven that the switch programme out of copper offers  enormous hygiene benefits.

Result: within two hours, 99.9% of all bacteria were eliminated. This means that Arsys Copper Med is an essential component of a thorough hygiene concept in places where large numbers of people come together and wish to remain healthy – in hospitals, doctors’ practices, retirement homes, and of course also in schools, public offices and nurseries.

  • Surface switches made from real, antibacterial copper
  • For hospitals, doctors’ practices, cleaning facilities, and indeed all public spaces
  • Recommended especially for intensively-used switches and socket outlets (“Hot Spots”)


Copper (metal)