Berker TS Crystal

Special range
Flush-mounted System

Extravagance becomes manifest not only in a grand gesture, but, above all, in perfect detail. Seen in this way, the new Berker TS Crystal perfects luxury down to the last detail. Designed on the basis of the Berker TS, refined with CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements. It is, without a doubt, the most glamorous way to switch on a light.

  • Crystalline variation of the Berker TS with glass platform and push-button with fine Swarovski crystals
  • Push-button available in 4 colours


Metal, brass, galvanised
with Swarovski crystal

Stainless steel (nickel, matt brushed)
crystal colour: Black Diamond

Chrome, glossy
crystal colour: Crystal

24-carat gold-plated,
crystal colour: Topaz

24-carat gold-plated,
crystal colour: Siam