Berker S.1, white glossy
Product data sheet
Technical Properties
  • Berker S.1, white glossy
    Art No. 85656182
    EAN No. 4011334369615
    P.U. 1 part
    Technical Characteristics
    Operating voltage 3 V DC
    Battery service life [years] ≈ 5
    Radio transmission frequency 868,3 MHz
    Radio protocol KNX Radio
    Transmitter duty cycle 1 %
    Receiver category 2
    Number of radio channels 4
    Radio transmission power < 10 mW
    Radio transmission range (free field) max. 100 m
    Radio transmission range (building) max. 30 m
    Required Ø brightness at least 300 lx 6 h/day
    Operating temperature -5 … 45 °C
    Assembling height 14 mm
    Function reset function (to factory setting) ; easy additional functions: +6 scenes, on/off operating mode, 1 up/down button control
    quicklink functions quicklink functions: switching, dimming, blind, 2 scenes, time switching, NO contact push-button, memory
    Bus connection integration in the KNX radio/TP gateway, surface-mounted, into the KNX TP system
    ETS additional functions ETS additional functions: +6 scenes, operating mode on/off, push-button, status display, dimming value
    LED with configuration LED ; with transmission status and battery status LED, red/green/orange
    Button / push-button with configuration button
    Operation operating areas configurable as one or two-area operation
    Voltage power supply via solar cells
    Battery / storage battery with lithium coin cell battery 3 V type: CR 2430
    Protection with dismantling protection
    Programming toolless quicklink configuration using buttons and LED display ; top and bottom operating areas are freely configurable
    Installation mode for flat surface mounting and extension of combinations
    Central text For radio remote control of all assigned KNX radio receivers.
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  • Manual for 856552xx, 856562xx, 856551xx and 856561xx - KNX radio wall-transmitter 1-/2gang flat/solar quicklink (EN, 2012-08)
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    Berker S.1, white glossy Product Data Sheet for 85656182
    Berker S.1, white glossy
    PDF, 1,2 MB
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