Electronics platform

85421101 Electronics platform
Art No. 85421101
EAN No. 4011334449768
  • Technical Properties

    Function when cover is detached, the switch status is retained (wallpaper function)
    Energy-saving low intrinsic energy requirement
    Central text Comprehensive transmission and reception functions, in conjunction with a KNX radio application module.
    Main design line Electronics platform
    Type of connection with screw terminals
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    • Manuals & installation instructions

      Manual for 85421100-85421200-85422100 - Touch dimmer (R, L), universal touch dimmer 1-/2gang (EN, 2013-03)
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      Berker.Net - Conventional electronics platform Order Overview for Berker.Net - Conventional electronics platform
      Berker.Net - Conventional electronics platform
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      Berker Q.3 Catalogue Chapter for Berker Q.3
      Berker Q.3
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      Electronics platform Product Data Sheet for 85421101
      Electronics platform
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