enhanced contact protection, Berker Q.1/Q.3

47086084 enhanced contact protection,  Berker Q.1/Q.3
Art No. 47086084
EAN No. 4011334446569
  • Technical Properties

    Rated voltage 250 V AC
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Rated current 16 A
    Measurement error current 30 mA
    Trigger time ≤ 30 ms
    Surge current resistance 250 A (8/20) µs
    Short-circuit resistance (with back-up fuse 20 AgL) 3 kA
    Protection Enhanced contact protection
    Type type A for alternating currents and pulsating direct currents
    Type of connection with plug-in terminals
    Information text, image price list/catalogue For use in old installations with provision made to safeguard existing standards without additional protective regulations ; Through-wired socket outlets are also protected.
    Connection terminals according to VDE 0620-1
    Design according to DIN 49440
    Tested conform VDE 0664 (EN 61008)
      enhanced contact protection
      enhanced contact protection
    Main design line Berker Q.1/Q.3
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    • Manuals & installation instructions

      Manual for 4708xx - SCHUKO socket outlet with residual current circuit-breaker (EN, 2010-12)
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    • Catalogue - Chapters

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      enhanced contact protection, Berker Q.1/Q.3 Product Data Sheet for 47086084
      enhanced contact protection, Berker Q.1/Q.3
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