R.x KNX Movement detector module 1,10m

80262160 R.x KNX Movement detector module 1,10m
Art No. 80262160
EAN No. 3250617153171
  • Technical Properties

    Operating voltage over bus 21/32 V DC
    Slide switch with slide switch for OFF/automatic/ON
    LED Operating mode display via status LED, red/green/orange
    Object Output of the brightness value via object possible
    Operating mode Master/Slave operation for covering large detection areas ; with test mode ; with 3 operating modes: automatic/permanent ON/permanent OFF
    Channels two function channels for brightness-dependent functions ; additional channel for independent of brightness detector mode
    Bus connection bus connection via connecting terminal
    Installation mode with dismantling protection ; with spreader claws
    Information text Continuous direct sunlight penetrating the upward-pointing detection plane can result in failure of the motion detector. Only suitable for indoor areas!
    Central text Automatic triggering of bus functions for movement within the detection area or manual control via integrated button.
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      Manual for KNX Motion detector with BCU
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    • Application guides ETS

      Application description ETS for KNX Motion detector (EN, 2016-02)
      Application description ETS for 802621xx-802622xx - Motion detector with bus coupling unit (EN, 2016-08), easy link
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      R.x KNX Movement detector module 1,10m Product Data Sheet for 80262160
      R.x KNX Movement detector module 1,10m
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      80960460 R.x Cover for KNX Movem. detect. mod. pw 1 PART on demand
      80960465 R.x Cover for KNX Movem.detect. mod. sw 1 PART on demand
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