polar white velvety

75261629 polar white velvety
Art No. 75261629
EAN No. 4011334315674
  • Technical Properties

    Power consumption, KNX ≈ 110 mW
    Nominal mounting height 2,2 m
    Number of detection levels 2
    Number of switching segments 72
    Detection field, semi-oval shaped ≈ 12 x 12 m
    Detection angle 180 °
    Range, frontal (at 1.1 m installation height) ≈ 6 m
    Range, frontal ≈ 12 m
    Range, side (at 1.1 m installation height) each ≈ 3 m
    Range, side each ≈ 6 m
    Delay time ≈ 10 s
    Additional delay time programmable 130 ms … 306 h
    Potentiometer for additional delay time ± 50 %
    Response sensitivity, settable 20 … 100 %
    Response brightness, configurable 3 … 100 lx ; daytime operation
    Response brightness adjustable by potentiometer ± 50 %
    Extension unit also suitable as extension unit
    Telegram cyclic transmission possible
    Slide switch with slide switch for OFF/automatic/ON
    Setting with potentiometers for fine adjustment of the response brightness, sensitivity and delay time
    Function Functions for lighting operating mode: Switching, Value transmitter and Light scene call ; parameter defineable lock function
    LED with red diagnostic LED for brightness-independent walk test function and disassembly message
    Lighting with lighting and message mode
    Object operating mode switched with object
    Alarm alarm telegram after disconnection from bus coupling unit, 1-bit
    Information text Application as for order no. 7526 15 .. Caution: Direct sunlight can lead to false alarms when using alarm application. Avoid using detection field equipment on windows.
    Central text When movement of a person is detected a parameter defined data telegram is sent.
      polar white velvety
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    • Manuals & installation instructions

      Manual for 7526xx - KNX controller 1.1m /2.2 m, KNX controller comfort 1.1m /2.2 m (DE-EN-NL-FR-NO, 2002-12)
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    • KNX product database

      KNX Database (from ETS2) for 752616xx - KNX controller comfort (2006-04)
      KNX Database (from ETS2) for 752616xx - KNX controller comfort (2006-04)
    • Application guides ETS

      Application description ETS for 752615xx-752616xx - KNX controller comfort (EN, 2004-01)
      Application description ETS for 75261xx - KNX controller (EN, 2000-12)
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      polar white velvety Product Data Sheet for 75261629
      polar white velvety
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