AM Timer Lighting RF Quicklink

85745277 AM Timer Lighting RF Quicklink
Art No. 85745277
EAN No. 4011334382409
  • Technical Properties

    Radio transmission/reception frequency 868,3 MHz
    Radio protocol KNX Radio
    Number of radio channels 1
    Number of quicklink links max. 20 transmitter/receiver
    Radio transmission power < 10 mW
    Radio transmission range (free field) max. 100 m
    Radio transmission range (building) max. 30 m
    Astronomic time shift ± 2 h
    Running accuracy ± 3 min/year
    Power reserve ≈ 24 h
    Number of switching times for on/off 20
    Energy-saving low intrinsic energy requirement
    Cylinder 2 independent preset programme memories, individually adaptable
    Slide switch with switchover manual/automatic mode
    Programs astro programme for sunrise/sundown switching with city/country or co-ordinate input, individually adaptable ; standalone programme, radio and extension unit commands are not executed ; holiday programme for random variation of the switching times in automatic operation
    quicklink functions quicklink functions: switching, 2 scenes, time switching, NO contact push-button, forced control
    ETS additional functions ETS additional functions: +6 scenes, operating mode on/off, scene loading, time dimming value, push-button, status display
    Time with automatic summer-/winter time switching (can be switched off)
    Indication / display LC display illuminated during operation ; indication of the application module/insert compatibility in the display ; LC display contrast is adjustable
    Languages menu guidance available in German, English or French
    Protection with dismantling protection
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    • Manuals & installation instructions

      Manual for 857452xx - Radio timer quicklink (EN, 2012-08)
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      Light control
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      Application description ETS for 857452xx - KNX radio timer quicklink (EN, vers. 6T8014-52A)
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      AM Timer Lighting RF Quicklink Product Data Sheet for 85745277
      AM Timer Lighting RF Quicklink
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        Art No. Description P.U. Price Group Price *
      85020100 Power supply for KNX radio application module Electronics platform 1 PART on demand
      85121200 Relay insert House electronics 1 PART on demand
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