In the new Berker online catalogue on Berker.com you can find product information and a wealth of additional Information like:

- Comprehensive technical and product information
- Software and documentation on all Berker KNX products
- Catalogue pages
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The variety off Berker design lines with all the available products is mentioned in this chapter. If you choose one design line the catalogue will show you all for the design available products and the needed inserts. So this chapter contains all kind off articles like switches, dimmers, shutter control, multimedia outlets or the Berker.NET system.



With our different KNX Systems like quicklink, KNX easy and KNX system ETS we offer always the right solution for every type of building in installation. If you only want to add some more comfort to your home without additional cabling you can use Berker.NET with quicklink functionality. The first step into the world of wired KNX is KNX easy, the perfect system solution for living flats and smaller commercial projects. The final option is KNX System ETS which offers you all possibilities as the real high end solution which is useful in all kind of buildings from the private house up to the hotel complex.

This catalogue is intended as procedure documentation for dealers and trade.
Our terms of sale, delivery and payment apply exclusively. Our publications are intended to provide information to the best of our knowledge and are in no way intended to be legally binding. Illustrations are not binding, especially with regard to colour, size and equipment of the products shown. Industrial property rights exist for many of the products. We reserve the right to make technical and formal changes to our products in the interest of technical progress. All items in this catalogue which are subject to CE regulations bear the CE mark on their packaging label
and on the product itself.